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We buy gold jewelry!

Everyone has a few pieces of gold jewelry lying around in a drawer or box somewhere, and often these are things you never wear. You may have broken pieces, or things long out of style, or jewelry you received as gifts or inheritance that doesn't’ appeal to you.

With gold prices today being four times what they were ten years ago, the mere gold value of many of these items may be much more than you imagined. It’s always a good idea to sell things you don’t care for when you can get top dollar - whether you can use the money or not !

You can visit us at our store and get prices on any gold jewelry that you might want to sell, without any obligation whatsoever! Or, if you know what karat gold you have, and exactly what it weighs, you can compute what you will receive from us with this up-to-date market price grid for various karats of gold:

Gold jewelry is manufactured in various percentages of actual gold content. 10 karat gold is about 40% pure, 14 karat gold is about 58% pure, 18 Karat gold is about 75% pure, and 22 karat gold is about 90% pure. Of course, buying, processing, and refining old karat gold into pure gold involves some costs.

We Buy Old Gold Jewelry

Our Market Price Chart for Gold Jewelry

Based upon spot gold price of:    $1,925.42
Gold Fineness
Per Gram
Per Pennyweight
22 Karat 
18 Karat 
16 Karat
14 Karat 
10 Karat 
9 Karat  (.375)
8 Karat  (.333)